You wouldn’t believe the changes I’ve made in my life since the course. Almost a month without alcohol, I find my mood is much better and I sleep through the night. I still count points, it has really made me more aware of taking better care of myself. Can’t thank you all enough!!!

I am so glad I was able to participate in Mood Lifters. It has been life changing! It came at the perfect time for me as I have been struggling with so many issues. You and the girls have been terrific. I will forever be grateful (my #1 character strength).

Mood Lifters was very informative and helpful in realizing how our   perception and thoughts can create anxiety and how to change our  thoughts. The class was very organized and the workbook was amazing. I learned methods I will use for my whole life. Clearly a way to live a life of peace.

On the advent of me getting my life back, I want to thank you for being a Mood Lifter Leader/Member and Creator. Mood Lifters has changed my life in a short four months. The notion of accountability really resonates with me, having had a Major Depression diagnosis 30 years ago. So much has changed since the late 80’s. Mood Lifters has helped me overcome another bout of depression. It is my second episode. The first one was for my first 37 years on the planet. Self Talk was a key concept for me. With Mood Lifters, Mindfulness, Self Talk and reading Thomas Merton books, I am back to normal for me, which is wonderful. I have no intention being like I was earlier in life and I know where to seek help, when the need arises. […] You achieved greatness by creating and developing Mood Lifters.

There have been a variety of “mood lifting” tools that have entered my life’s journey. Most have been beneficial to some degree or another. When I learned about Mood Lifters from my mom, I was intrigued. When I learned about Mood Lifters from going through it myself, I saw improvement! Now, my brother is journeying through Mood Lifters, also!

What is the benefit of Mood Lifters? There are three keys: Simple, Personal, Accountable. Simple: the research-based tools are simple. They cover the gamut of life’s experiences and our holistic needs as human beings. Each week there are simple activities to practice and do. Simplicity helps me feel that I can succeed…then I want to challenge myself to go further! Personal: The goals I set (key word: I) are what I find important for my life. The simple exercises become meaningful when I adapt them to my life, my goals, my abilities and interests! Accountable: This is a key component and yet with Mood Lifters it retains its characteristic simplicity. I choose the goals, and I choose the points earned. Writing them down and turning-in some account of my week helps reinforce the value of the exercises. The weekly group meetings are educational and encouraging. The weekly point-tracking sheets are my way of saying, Yes, this is important. I may not have accomplished all my goals, but I haven’t stopped. I’m here, and I will continue making my health, my mood, myself a value!

Thank you to all those who have collaborated to make Mood Lifters. I am excited for more people to learn this program and practice it. Our world sorely needs “lifting.

Prior to starting Mood Lifters, things weren’t good.  I had no energy and wasn’t sleeping well.  My marriage wasn’t a happy one.  I wasn’t satisfied with my job, it was stable and good paying, but nothing that brought me satisfaction.  There was nothing about my surroundings that brought me joy.  My life felt like one problem after another.  I felt like no one would understand what I was currently going through.  Every day was drudgery and my outlook for tomorrow was only more of the same, or worse.  I used alcohol heavily and had little hope for the future being any different or any better.  I was hopeless and felt helpless to change it.

In Mood Lifters, I learned some basic tenets that established themselves as the foundation for better thinking.  These weren’t new techniques or different approaches, they were simple concepts and presented in an easy to understand format.  Oh, and the setting… this wasn’t a counselor’s office either, it was with a group of average people, like me, who also shared the same experiences.  Each week, we learned a different topic and then individually worked on activities that each topic provides.  It’s not always easy work to do, but the meeting and the tracking that we do helps to keep us on task and to see measurable progress week after week.

After a short amount of time, things began to turn around. I started to feel better about things.  I felt more empowered and in control to guide my future in a direction that I wanted to head and one that I looked forward to.  I’m now hopeful for a better future and have some tools to help me along the way. My marriage is better, my job is more rewarding, I’m taking pleasure in more of my day-to-day activities, my drinking has been curbed, and I’m truly happy to be here now.

I’m very familiar with physical conditioning and know about good nutrition.  Like any effort that you want to improve in, you need education, guidance, a way to track your progress, and accountability.  It also takes effort.  This program is like a personal training for your brain.  People regularly use a physical trainer to establish goals, train for events, improve their performance, and recover from injuries.  Training the brain should be no different, and the stigma of that training or recovery should be no different than physical conditioning or injury.  Physical training also offers a variety of approaches, techniques, and activities – from cardio, to strength training, to stretching…  Mood Lifters does the same by offering a variety of topics.  Participants can congratulate themselves on topics that they are strong at already and then receive appropriate guidance on areas for which they need to work.  A personalized training plan that is geared specifically for each individual.

At 46, I have a lovely wife and three wonderful children.  I have a great house, a stable job, and everything to going for me.  Yet, nothing was right.  I didn’t know what wasn’t right, or why, but it wasn’t right and I knew that for sure. To make matters worse, I didn’t know how to go about changing it.  Nothing brought pleasure and I didn’t know how to break that thought pattern.  I was all tangled up inside.  I was depressed and I wanted that feeling to end.